/'fVni/ adjective
1 AMUSING making you laugh: He was telling funny anecdotes about Hollywood. | hysterically/hilariously funny: Everyone except me seemed to find her mistakes hilariously funny.
2 STRANGE unusual and difficult to explain: I had a funny feeling that something was going to happen. | It was a funny sort of day, hot but with huge rain clouds.
3 DISHONEST seeming to be illegal or dishonest, although you are not exactly sure why: There's something funny going on here. | funny business (=activities that are illegal or dishonest): When I checked the accounts I realized that there was some funny business going on.
4 go funny informal if something goes funny it stops working properly: I just turned it on and the picture went all funny.
5 ILL feeling slightly ill: I always feel funny after a long ride in the car.
6 CRAZY BrE slightly crazy: After his wife died he went a bit funny.
7 see the funny side of sth to be able to laugh in a difficult or bad situation: Fortunately, the patient saw the funny side of the mix up and decided not to take us to court.
8 it's funny used to say that you do not really understand why something happens, but it does and you think it is strange, interesting, worrying etc: It's funny, but I've known her for years and I don't even know her name. | it's funny (that): It's funny Jack didn't come. I hope he's ok. | it's funny how: It's funny how you remember the words of songs, even ones you don't really like.
9 that's funny used when you are surprised by something that has happened and you can not explain it: That's funny! I'm sure I put my wallet down there, and now it's gone.
10 the funny thing is used to say what the strangest or most amusing part of a story or situation is: But the funny thing is, after they'd argued for ages about where to go, the car wouldn't start. | The funny thing is, I sort of knew this would happen.
11 it's not funny used to tell someone not to laugh at or make jokes about something you think is very serious: It's not funny! I'm the one who's going to get blamed for this, you know.
12 very funny! used when someone is laughing at you or making a joke and you do not think it is funny: Oh very funny! Instead of laughing you could try and help. | Very funny! Who's hidden my car keys?
13 what's so funny? used when someone is laughing and you want to know why: Hey, what's so funny. Did I say something stupid?
14 funny little used to describe something or someone that is small and unusual: I got it in that funny little shop in Market Street.
15 funny old used to describe something or someone that is strange but that you like or think is interesting: Yes, he's a funny old man - you never know what he's going to say.
16 I'm not being funny, but... used when you are going to say something that may seem strange or amusing but is actually serious: I'm not being funny, but I quite liked it in hospital.
17 funny peculiar or funny ha-ha? BrE used when someone has described something as funny and you want to know if they mean that it is strange or amusing: “You are funny, Albert.” “How do you mean? Funny peculiar or funny ha-ha?”

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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